“The Ones Who Like Chocolate”

Shane Watson’s article in the Sunday Times Style Magazine last Sunday “Wise to the size lies” certainly gave me plenty of food for thought. I agreed with some of what she says – like Dawn French letting down the side having lost weight after years of presenting large women as having a big appetite for life. A newly  slim Dawn French I’m sure Ms French has her reasons for seriously losing weight after all these years and I’ve no doubt it was not easy for her.

The media reports her having lost 4 stone, to be honest I’d say she has lost a lot more than 4 stone. But that does not necessarily mean that all large ladies who decry the media’s obsession with skin and bone are hypocrites or liars.

Ms Watson describes Nigella’s as one size over voluptuous. (sounds a little bitchy!) Can she mean the same Nigella Lawson whom men desire and women admire? I have to disagree with Ms Watson. There are many women who are really happy with their size and shape, oblivious to the media, illusion and the cheap condescending articles in fashion magazines.

A slimmer Nigella Lawson

Larger people do get treated differently and probably much less positively than skinny people. People always state the obvious about size, we all have lots of reasons why we might try to lose weight so it is dangerous to make assumptions about why people are driven to lose weight. There is huge pressure from the media and fashion world about what looks good.

These industries glorify and parade waif like teenagers modelling and selling a look to women buyers a lot older and with vastly different body shapes to the models.

This creates far more peer pressure to “conform” than the odd whimsical reference to chocolate by Dawn French or the enthusiastic beating of something glorious in a mixing bowl and raiding the fridge at midnight by Nigella Lawson. Perhaps you could take this fact into your reasoning next time Ms Watson.

Who am I to comment? I’m not a celebrity, just an ordinary person with a business selling designer fashion for larger women. Like everyone I like to buy clothes that fit me and that I can look good in and that’s the service I’m trying to give to my customers.


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  • http://flowersandchocos.com Vina

    Right on! There are a lot of plus-size models out there making a name for themselves such as Whitney Thomson. It’s time to do away with the hype of models with skin and bones and just appreciate the work that all models do.

  • Dupondmartine25

    Dawn French was not just a fat woman, she’s a actress, writer, author and clever and witty. If she want to lose weight is her business not ours.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed and Shane Watson picked on Ms French precisely because she used to champion larger women. So while I understand Ms Watson’s reason for singling out Ms French I agree with you that it is entirely Ms French’s business and we have always admired Ms French and her work.

  • http://twitter.com/farmvilefcu Farmville FCU

    Health is wealth so we must preserve our health at all times . let us be wise to choose for foods we eat after, we’ll be the one suffering the consequences someday. If we want to lost weight, do it as long as its not against our health.

    • Anonymous

      It would be good if you replied using your human persona rather than your “Corporate” persona, otherwise I might think you might just be after a cheap link – but you are not doing that are you? I can tell by the quality of your English.

  • Julieny

    The main reason we should want to lose weight is because of our health..

    Julie g

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