Sunday Times – A Life in the Day – Nancy Dell’Olio

The Sunday Times Magazine closes with with it’s regular “A Life in the Day” piece. I read this every week. The magazine covers people from every section of life that you can imagine and at one point published a collection of these “Life Snapshots” as a book.

Today the featured individual is Nancy Dell’Olio whose is perhaps best remembered for being involved with Seven Goran Eriksson. I felt sorry for her at the time. Today unfortunately Nancy does not come across at all well in the article which is titled “I’m special, so special…”. I honestly don’t know what to believe, did she agree to this interpretation of the interview carried out by Caroline Scott? if so, and if the interpretation is true then she is probably best avoided at all costs. If true I can almost imagine the interviewers Dictaphone grinding to a halt in horror. Perhaps I expected to read something about what she does for others, what causes she is passionate about, she is a minor celebrity after all and I would have expected Nancy to have a cause or tow to trumpet about.

I was wrong, the article was totally about her view of herself and her appearance. I was totally flabbergasted by Miss Dell’Olio’s opinion of herself. I really hope it is not accurate. Reading this after the article about Big Game Hunting made me feel sad at the recklessness of man and angry at the shallowness of the world we live in. Or maybe I’ve been duped by a blatant play for some publicity. Who knows!

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  • Andy OC

    I think the whole article was faintly disgusting. Nancy Dell’Olio came across as a vile, self-obsessed fool. Utterly vapid and self-absorbed.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Andy, the cynical side side of me says it was a publicity stunt. To be honest I hope it was. Very sad if it wasn’t!

  • Patrice


    Yes, I read it too with my chin banging the floor in shock. At first I thought it was a spoof, but by the time I got to – ‘I’m privileged to have good skin. It’s not olive, you know, it’s rose and very delicate…’ my teeth were grinding. (My skin is a good few shades darker than ‘olive’ and I certainly don’t consider myself underprivileged!

    I’ve always had a soft spot for her, admiring her bravado in the face of the media taunts. Yet, amongst the self-advertised attributes that she seems to promote in the article – charisma, kindness, intelligence – she seems to lack self awareness and sensitivity.

    ‘I’m not a feminist, I’m feminine.’??



    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the comment Patrice, glad we’re not the only ones that were more than a bit stunned by the views in the article.

  • Laura

    I was truley shocked by both of the article’s mentioned, Horrified!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the comment Laura, the post has had 000′s of viewings but no comments so thank you!

      • Robin Kemp

        I’m now dying to read it but can’t find it anywhere. Any ideas?

        • Anonymous

          Hi Robin, apologies for the delay in replying – the article can be found on int he Sunday Times Magazine online under profiles, it is behind a pay wall though!

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