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Our blog is about women, their empowerment, their achievements and successes, their lives and of course plus size fashion and related issues. That’s quite a range of topics and we’d love to hear from you if you’d like to write a guest post on our blog. For your post to be considered it must be related to one of the above topics. We’ll publish one post per week and feature it on Twitter and Facebook. We want to hear from you. Tell us your story of success in business, life or helping others. Perhaps there is something that is special about your business or activity that promotes or empowers women and celebrates their achievements, we’d love to hear about it. In return we may wish to be allowed to write a guest post for you blog.

We are focused on finding the best designer clothes for larger women who deserve to look and feel good. So we’ll give give special consideration to posts related to this area. We know there are lots of talented and successful ladies out there running their own business and supporting families as well, we don’t know how some of you cope with demands of both, because neither is easy!

There is an enviable positive spirit amongst the women we listen to on Twitter each day and it’s very inspiring. We wrote a blog post a few days ago about inspiration in general and we’d really love to share more examples of women doing well.

So leave a comment if you’d like to participate or contact us now on Twitter or on Facebook to let us know what you’d like to say.

If you want to see what we are offering our customers please browse our online shop or read some of our other blog posts to understand more about us.Write a guest post for us

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  • Anges de Lumiere

    I would love to do that. My blog is called Slim Soul Diaries and I think you have already had a glimpse of it. I believe that women should buy lovely clothes for themselves even if they are bigger than they want to be, and not wait until they have the perfect body. As you know I wrote a book called the Journey of the Slim Soul which encourages holistic and gentle slimming but as importantly the art of loving oneself NOW as we are, regardless of whether we are overweight or not. And I would love for you to offer an entry on my blog (I have just been on BBC Radio Bristol talking about the Slim Soul Diaries (my blog) to your company as I love the lines you sell and your modern look for big size clothes.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Agnes, we love your blog and look forward to more conversations with you! We are adding you to our blog roll!

  • Emily

    we would love to tell you our story, how would I go about it?
    Em x

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