Are Leather Trousers Strictly For The Young?

I read with some interest in today’s “Femail” Janet Street-Porter’s view that leather trousers should not be worn by the over 40s.


She describes Mary Portas’s legs as looking like “badly packed black puddings”. Well then, this begs the question: at what age should one wear leather trousers? Is there a statutory age?
Surely, age does not come into this. Any item of clothing can look wrong on any person of any age if not worn with the right combination, not suited to the body shape, a poor fit or inferior quality fabric.


Mary has got it right. The leather trousers are part of the package and her look is actually very stylish and dynamic. Elle McPherson, Sharon Stone and Carol Vorderman also look fabulous in their leather trousers. They wouldn’t look so good in knee length polyester pleated skirts, twin sets, American tan tights and sensible shoes (to perpetuate the age stereotyping). It’s all about making the most of what you have and projecting an image that you’re comfortable with, whatever your age or indeed shape.

That’s what we are doing with Vida Moda, we are aiming to give larger women a better choice of clothing, shouldn’t we have the same opportunity to dress stylishly?


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  • Anonymous

    Well, seriously Joanna, what do you expect from the Daily Fail? If they can’t criticise, dumb down, incite fear and loathing about SOMETHING they’re having a bad day.

    You are absolutely right, looking good and feeling good is nothing to do with age and size and all to do with finding a style that suits us. Unfortunately the high street shops (what’s left of them) seem to think that all women are the same shape and have the same taste. Its great to see an on-line shop like yours offering real choice.

    • Joanna Davis

      Thanks for your comments Ann, style is a very personal choice and not everyone appreciates other people’s choices. As retailers we are to some extend limited by the designer’s choices. We think body shape is beginning to challenge those choices and designers will have to adapt. We’ll be there to select the designs that give our customers a real choice, to allow them to look and feel their best!

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