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Eden Rock Orange Blouse Jacket at Vida Moda

Are You Obsessed With Colour Matching?

Colour Matching Your Wardrobe This Summer

Fuchsia Tee Shirt by Siganture at Vida Moda perfect for colour matchingSome people can’t walk out of the door unless they feel co-ordinated. Something has to match something else, the colours must complement and not be an assault on the eyes. But what is the secret to co-ordination through colour matching?

Colour Matching – an obsession for you?

If you’re obsessed with being colour co-ordinated, you know how it feels before you step out the door. You take one look in the mirror to check everything looks right, otherwise, bizarrely, it won’t feel right. Colour matching can help us feel ‘together’ and in control, it puts us at ease and we wear colour to feel comfortable. Black, white and red are a classic blend, spring pastels make the perfect day look, neutrals and cream plays it safe. A lot of larger ladies prefer black because it makes them look slimmer, however at Vida Moda I am always on the look out for collections that make great use of colour and I’d love to see more larger women using colour matching to create a different look for themselves. It is amazing how clever use of colour can projet a totally different and confident image. One of my favourite techniques is to team a bright colour top with white trousers or a white skirt. This simple technique is powerful but subtle.

Colour Matching or Colour Blocking?

Those of us who are a bit braver will go for the opposites on the colour wheel, i.e. purple and yellow are loud partners in crime but they work. This is colour blocking which is very much in vogue this season, you can stick with complementary colours or you can “push” it a little! Perhaps some of the more extreme variations look better on the catwalk but you can still make some great colour statements yourself.

Colour Matching – This Seasons Colours at Vida Moda

Some strong colours have continued to from the Winter season, Strong purplesa nd mustard have been joined for summer by vibrant oranges, dark blue, and kiwi green all colours which are good for colour matching or which look superb with white.

Flax ElderBerry Tank Top at Vida Moda perfect for colour matching

Colour Matching with Accessories

What if it goes further than matching jackets with trousers or shoes? Do some of us find ourselves crafting a look to the minutest detail, earrings, nails, eye shadow or lips? It certainly seems like a lot of effort but when the ensemble looks 100% bang on, we never forget it. So much so, that getting the right colour match for you can be a bit addictive but also easy to differentiate between times when you want to relax, veg out and be lazy in a striped top matched with floral trousers. You can, if you wish do a little more colour matching and accessorise with shoes and handbags!

In Summary

All of it says a lot about our personality. Those who don’t feel the need to colour co-ordinate are possibly more relaxed and spontaneous people. For a lucky few, mismatching actually works but it mostly down to the actual garment and how it fits, rather than the choice of patterns and colours. It’s all too easy to play it safe but choosing styles we wouldn’t normally go for or blend can rejuvenate our brains and personality. It’s a statement of rebellion or change.

Whatever we do with colour, it’s important to have fun. So the next time you find yourself matching a pair of earrings to a top, think to yourself – is it really that important?

Start splashing some personality into your wardrobe with Vida Moda’s new summer collections which are all about colour this year. Speaking of colour why not read our tips about fake tan!


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Danish Fashion Blue-Tee-Shirt by Signature at Vida Moda

Danish Fashion: Find Your Signature Style

Danish Fashion – Contemporary Style

New Danish Designer Fashion Collection

I’m delighted to add a new danish fashion label (Signature) to our collections. Any of you who have watched The Killing, Wallander or The Bridge on television will hopefully recognise that Scandinavian Fashion and particular Danish Fashion has something wonderful to offer. Danish Fashion labels make excellent use of texture, colour and shape to being us beautiful clothes.

The Signature Danish fashion Label is brand new for our Spring/ Summer collection. It is subtle collection with it’s own identity but also one that will blend in well with your existing wardrobe if you do not wish to make an obvious fashion statement.

Danish Fashion: Pastel Tops

Danish Fashion Blue-Tee-Shirt by Signature at Vida ModaThese three beautiful tops by Signature come in sizes 16 – 24. Perfect with linen trousers, jeans or a long flowing black skirt, they are the perfect inexpensive addition to your seasonal wardrobe.

Danish Fashion: Contemporary Top

Danish Fashion Text Pattern Top by Signature at Vida ModaThis unusual top has short sleeves, round neckline with slight gathering and bow detail in classic black and white montage of text, flowers & architecture. It will look perfect on you with our Sand Linen trousers, black court shoes then have some fun with black, white, neutral coloured jewellery.

Danish Fashion: Jacket

Danish Fashion White Jacket by Signature at Vida Moda
White Cotton Jacket
This white cotton jacket is stretchy and very comfortable comfort in an on trend style having long sleeves with a popper fastening at the cuff and a round collarless neck, seven popper fastenings and two slash pockets to the front. It’s the perfect addition to a casual jeans outfit or over a dress for a lady at lunch!

Danish Fashion: Navy Polka Dot Dress

Danish Fashion at Vida Moda - Navy Polka Dot Dress by Signature
An exquisite dress that blends classic colours and patterns with a modern A-line cut in a fabric that hangs effortlessly flattering. Finish the look with navy leggings and white platform wedges. A big chunky white bead necklace would take this dress from simple daywear to delicious party attire.

Danish Fashion: Joanna’s Summary

One of the reasons I love this label is their variation and imagination. Different pieces and yet all part of the same design story. Signature is Danish Fashion label that has something for everybody. We’ve got another Danish Fashion Label to tell you about in a future post. It is different again but has distinctive personality.


Vida Moda | Designer Fashion and Plus Size Clothing For Women With Curves

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Fake tan: is it really worth it?

fake tanFake tan is hugely popular as tanning in the sun is dangerous and out of style, this much we know. However, we can’t deny a warm, bronze glow on the skin can be flattering and healthy looking. With summer just around the corner and we shed layers, we also show more skin. So, do we fake it or not?

If you saw the Apprentice last week you’ll have seen the popularity of fake tan, even when sold off a table in the middle of a shopping centre with no real credibility behind it! So what is it about fake tan that attracts us? Quite simply it is the desire to be perceived as being beautiful and how better to the that than with a bottle of fake tan if you are not in a position to take a sun kissed holiday for 2 months in the sun. There are pitfalls though so do read on!

Fake Tan facts

According to St. Tropez, one of the UK’s leading fake tan brands, 41% of the nation’s women use fake tan. It’s become almost uniform for celebrities to be bronzed to some degree. Sporting a healthy glow is thought to show affluence but for many of us, going a shade or two darker hides a multitude of skin impurities. But you can’t flick through a gossip magazine during summer without seeing pictures of some fake tan embarrassment. Streaks, dayglo orange, blotches and visible tan lines, despite the best efforts of application and how much you may have paid, you risk to look tacky and artificial. With the Katie Prices of this world, we almost come to expect it but even A-listers such as Kiera Knightly are not immune to fake tan disasters. Poor Christina Aguilera was torn to shreds by the media when a mysterious trail of dark liquid trickled down her leg whilst performing at Etta James’ funeral earlier this year.

Fake Tan Spray Booths

Despite the debate over whether bronzing out of a bottle looks classy or not, the popularity of fake tanning is not waning. Many of our beauty therapists are offering it as standard plus spray tan booths are germinating the local high street and the neighbourhood parade of shops. Modern devices offer a smooth, airbrush like quality, so you wonder how it can ever go wrong. Even with all this technology, the temptation of oneupmanship is too strong, even Hollywood stars measuring too strong on the orange-o-metre.

It is completely possible to simply introduce a better skin routine, drinking more water, eating a balanced diet and strategically using a quality bronzing powder to create the same sort of glow. Also consider that some colour garments will make you look more pale, so blend your outfit to match your complexion.

DIY Fake Tan

If you are going the DIY bottle tan route, be warned. It takes a lot of practice to get it right plus you absolutely must follow some steps for a smooth finish, exfoliating, moisturising and having the lemon juice to hand. Happily with the internet, there’s a good stack of posts with excellent tips for application!

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Vida Moda | Designer Fashion and Plus Size Clothing For Women With Curves

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